Mundo alborotado VII

Mundo alborotado VII
"We'll build shops and hospitals and barracks right under their noses - right under their
feet! Everything we need - banks, prisons and schools... We'll send scouting parties to
collect books and stuff, and men like you'll teach the kids. Not poems and rubbish -
science, so we can get everything working. We'll build villages and towns and... and...
we'll play each other at cricket! Listen, maybe one day we'll capture a Fighting Machine,
eh? Learn how to make 'em ourselves and then wallop! Our turn to do some wiping out!
Whoosh with our Heat Ray - Whoosh! And them running and dying, beaten at their own
game. Man on top again!".- Fragmento de la adaptación musical de "La guerra de los mundos", de H.G. Wells, por Jeff Wayne y Gary Osborne.


¿Otra vez el hombre en cabeza?¿Para qué?

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